Flexobion® contains 1200 mg glucosamine hydrochloride (D-glucosamine hydrochloride) and 600 mg chondroitin sulfate sodium salt and other excipients to 3.0 g.

Flexobion® provides long-lasting comfort of the joints and maintains them healthy and elastic.

Flexobion® is natural food supplement, as one of its ingredients, glucosamine hydrochloride is extracted from shells of shrimps and crab. The other main ingredient, chondroitin sulfate sodium salt, is extracted from porcine cartilage (porcine joint size and density more closely resemble human joints). The natural origin of these two main ingredeints (synthesized naturally in the human organism) additionally strengthen the beneficial effect of the nutraceutical. The combined intake of these two ingredeints leads to potentiation and complementarity of their action. Flexobion® has a favourable effect on the structure and function of the joint cartilage, as well as on its recovery and protection.

*Acts beneficially on maintaining the structure and function of joints, cartilage, tendons and ligaments, as well on keeping them healthy;
*Favours joint mobility by maintaining cartilage surface smooth and well lubricated during physical exercises and overloading;
*Supports recovery of periarticular soft tissues, joints and cartilages after traumas;
*Prevents changes in joints, which occur with the process of aging, by maintaining them healthy, mobile and elastic;
*Maintains the skin healthy and supports the process of its hydratation, as well as the natural process of wound healing.

Flexobion® Powder for peroral solution 1800 mg x 20 sachets Chondroitin sulfate