Through constant research and passion for our work, we develop nutraceuticals that are beneficial and contribute to the health and wellbeing of people's lives. The activity of Inbiotech is aimed at production and introduction of innovative medicinal products and nutraceuticals in key therapeutic areas.

The food supplements of Inbiotech are beneficial to health. Some of them are entirely herbal-based (Bilkacea® and Bilkolinche®). Others are based on ingredients from entirely natural origin (Liponorm®, Biona®, Flexobion® and Apple pectin 100%). Our portolio of food supplements also includes vitamins and minerals (Multicaps®, Vitamin E of Inbiotech and Vitamin C of Inbiotech).

Production of nutraceuticals of Inbiotech is accomplished in accordance with Good manufacturing practice (GMP). The company works in close partnership with European and other manufacturers. Our food supplements are with high quality of the ingredients utilized, innovative production technologies and effective for favouring health.

Inbiotech's herbal nutraceuticals
Herbal products of Inbiotech have beneficial effect on the condition and the functioning of the organs and systems in the human body. Inbiotech's herbal nutraceuticals combine the favourable properties of various herbal extracts and strengthen the effect of each one of them as used in combinations. The herbs used are combined carefully on the base of scientific knowledge and experience in regard to their interaction in precise doses and the use of strictly monitored technology.

More about herbs in our nutraceuticals
Bulgaria is one of the richest in herbs countries in the world. The various herbs are amounting to about 650 species and more than 300 of them are gathered each year. Due to the diverse weather conditions and soil richness, Bulgarian herbs contain high percentage of biologically active substances in their chemical composition. The pharmaceutical and healing action of the various herbs is studied extensively and widely applied. Most of the herbs used in the nutraceuticals of Inbiotech come from Bulgaria.

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Bilkacea® contains 12 herbal-based sachets for peroral solution with slight taste of menthe. Bilkacea® is comprised of herbal extract, which is a mixture of marshmallow root, bark of willow, licorice (sweet root), vitamin C & peppermint oil. Bilkacea® is unique complex of carefully selected and proven in practice herbs, which in combination provide beneficial effect on the respiratory tract and mouth cavity.

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Bilkolinche® is herbal-based syrup for children. Bilkolinche (R) is unique complex from carefully selected and proven herbal extracts, which act together to provide beneficial effect on children's respiratory tract and mouth cavity. Bilkolinche (R) is comprised of herbal extracts, which are a mixture of ribwort plantain, primrose, elderberry, thyme and licorice (sweet root).

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Liponorm® is dietetic natural product, which contains pure soya lecithine with no GMO. The nutraceutical is on the Bulgarian market since 1994. Lecithine is comprised of phospholipids, which play a substantial role in the construction of cell membranes in the human organism, contributing in this way to their normal function and permeability. Lecithine also comprises the brain, the nervous system and the protective barrier on the gastric mucosa.

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*Acts beneficially on maintaining the structure and function of joints, cartilage, tendons and ligaments, as well on keeping them healthy;
*Favours joint mobility by maintaining cartilage surface smooth and well lubricated during physical exercises and overloading;
*Supports recovery of periarticular soft tissues, joints and cartilages after traumas;
*Prevents changes in joints, which occur with the process of aging, by maintaining them healthy, mobile and elastic;
*Maintains the skin healthy and supports the process of its hydratation, as well as the natural process of wound healing.

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Flexobion® contains 1200 mg glucosamine hydrochloride (D-glucosamine hydrochloride) and 600 mg chondroitin sulfate sodium salt and other excipients to 3.0 g.

Flexobion® provides long-lasting comfort of the joints and maintains them healthy and elastic.