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About us

Who we are?

Our history

INBIOTECH, Ltd. is a pharmaceutical company, which was founded in 1991 by professionals with numerous years of experience in the Bulgarian and international pharmaceutical science and industry. The success and achievements of the company during the years are inextricably linked with the name of Prof. Angel Kirkov, D.M.Sc., who with his years of  practical and exceptional scientific experience has left lasting trace in the development of modern pharmaceutical industry in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe. He was one of the founders of modern Bulgarian pharmaceutical industry, long-lasting General Director of the pharmaceutical unified enterprise "Pharmachim", as well as Professor at the Pharmaceutical Faculty in the Medical University in Sofia, Bulgaria. 

First generic medicinal products

Successes of INBIOTECH during the 1990s were development and introduction in the Bulgarian market of several first generic medicinal products, when this market was characterized by low competition in the respective ATC segments. These first generic medicinal products are ENPRIL® (Enalapril maleate), BIOPRAZOL® (Omeprazole), BIOLIN® (Nimesulide) и Cinnarizine INBIOTECH (Cinnarizine).
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Our mission

Our mission is to manufacture and provide high quality medicinal products and nutraceutical products, which cure people around the world and which make their lives longer, healthier and more vital.

We strive to contribute to providing access to high-quality generic prescription and OTC medicinal products, as well as traditional and innovative nutraceutical products to patients in numerous countries. Our goal is to satisfy the needs of hospitals and pharmacies for high-quality medicinal products and nutraceutical products at affordable prices so that we provide access to people in Bulgaria and other markets to traditional and innovative methods of treatment and prevention of socially significant diseases, as well as other diseases. We aim at continuous and effective collaboration with medical specialists, doctors and pharmacists, for the benefit of patients, suffering from different diseases, as well as for the benefit of the people who resort to prevention of different illnesses. 

Look directed to the future

Our goal is to introduce in the Bulgarian and other markets new generic medicinal products and new food supplements (nutraceutical products). We also aim at expanding our current markets, where we are active in, and increasing their number. We strive to continously expand and renew the product portfolio of the company.  


What we do?

We are in the healthcare business

INBIOTECH is generic pharmaceutical company, based in Sofia, Bulgaria. We produce and market generic medicinal products under medical prescription and without medical prescription. Also, we produce traditional and innovative food supplements (i.e. nutraceutical products). We market and sell our products in Bulgaria, as well as in other markets of the E.U., non-E.U. Europe and Asia. All of our medicinal products, as well as some of our nutraceutical products are characterized by clinically proven therapeutic action. 

Our team

A team of highly-qualified specialists - pharmacists, pharmaceutical technologists, medical doctors, chemists and economists, realizes our successful research and development, manufacturing and marketing activities of INBIOTECH. The activities of the company are stimulated by the humane principles and responsibility of its founders. These activities are realized by a team of highly qualified specialists with formidable experience in the pharmaceutical industry - in the areas of regulatory affaires, contract manufacturing, quality assurance and control. Those activities are also realized by young specialists in the areas of business development, marketing and sales, etc..



Innovation in therapy choice

Newest generation medicinal products

In the therapeutic areas, where we are active in, we strive to provide the medical doctor, the pharmacist and the patient, in addition to traditional, also with the most modern generic medicinal products in the world. We strive to provide these medicinal products of newest generation at affordable for patients prices. 

The product list of  INBIOTECH, which is in continous process of expansion and modernization, includes contemporary solutions for treatment of diseases, such as heart failure (e.g. CORLEDIN® (Ivabradine)) and stomach and duodenal ulcers (e.g. RABIOXIN® (Rabeprazole sodium)). Other such newest generation medicinal products are in the process of development and soon will be included in our portfolio.

Quality of the chosen therapy

Production, according to all valid regulatory requirements

Production of the medicinal products and food supplements of INBIOTECH is accomplished in accordance with the requirements of the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), as well as valid requirements of medicinal products laws in Bulgaria and the European Union. 

Production of the food supplements is accomplished also, according the requirements of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP).

High quality active ingredients

The active ingredients, which we implement in our medicinal products (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients - APIs) and our food supplements (Active Nutraceutical Ingredients - ANIs) are with highest quality, according to all valid EU requirements.

Effectiveness of the chosen therapy

Our leading principles in the choice of drug strategy

The leading principles of our choice of drug strategy for the company are therapeutic, social and economic effectiveness of the concrete medicinal product. We open the full cycle of the medicinal product and nutraceutical product from the scientific development and manufacturing process. We also close the full cycle of our products to their realization on the market and monitoring of their clinical and preventive effectiveness and safety, as well as acceptance by patients, doctors and pharmacists. 

In this way for some of our branded generic medicinal products and for some of our food supplements, INBIOTECH has conducted or currently conducts clinical trials with humans with the aim to clinically prove their bioequivalency, therapeutic effectiveness and safety.


Contribution & recognition

Scientific & business recognition

Recognition for the contribution of INBIOTECH for the development of the pharmaceutical business in Bulgaria are numerous prestigious rewards for successful manufacturing activity and high social-economic effectiveness. 

The company is repeatedly rewarded with prizes from the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce & Industry, as well as from the Branch Chamber. INBIOTECH has also been rewarded by numerous Bulgarian scientific, medical and pharmaceutical organizations.

"Hermes" prize

For the successful activity of INBIOTECH in 2002 the company was rewarded for company of the year in the annual competition of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BCCI). INBIOTECH was rewarded with the statuette "Hermes".

The greatest satisfaction

The greatest satisfaction for the INBIOTECH team is the recognition of millions patients during the years, who take our medicinal products and food supplements, as well as from the medical doctors and pharmacists, who utilize our medicianl products and food supplements in their daily practice in Bulgaria and other countries across the globe.
Contribution & recognition