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Humane, ethical & responsible work

Our generic medicinal products under medical prescription (Rx), our medicinal products without medical prescription (OTC), as well as our portfolio of traditional and innovative nutraceutical products, help patients in Bulgaria and in other countries across the globe to improve their quality of life and to prolong it. 

Activities of INBIOTECH are stimulated by humane and ethical principles, as well as responsibility and integrity of our company's founders. At INBIOTECH highly-qualified specialists work, some of them with over 20-year experience in manufacturing and quality control of medicinal products and nutraceutical products. At INBIOTECH also young specialists work in the areas of busness development and marketing and sales, etc..

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Here you can find more information, related to working in the INBIOTECH team, as well as opportunities for professional and personal development. Here you can find a concrete jop opening in some of the business areas of the company, which is most suitable for your future professional and personal goals.

Work & opportunities at INBIOTECH


INBIOTECH owes its success and differentiates itself as a pharmaceutical company, thanks mostly to the talented and hardworking professionals, who with their knowledge and skills work for achieving the economic and social goals of the company in the near and the long term.

The people working for us differentiate us as a pharmaceutical company

We differentiate ourselves by attracting and developing high-quality and committed people in entrepreneurial atmosphere, as INBIOTECH is still in the early stage of development as a global pharmaceutical company. Our team and the new additions to it strive to combine our resources, as well as our long term vision for the future of the company with the energy, the professional and personal aspiration and flexibility of a start-up enterprise in each of the business units of the company. 

Values & behaviours

In our team aspiration towards ambitious achievements is encouraged, as we value results in each area of our work. We maintain teamwork within our team, as well as within our collaborations with partners from Bulgaria and partners from other countries. At the same time we encourage creative ideas and distinctiveness of each member of our team, as well as of external partners. We encourage inclusive leadership, together with innovation in individual and team decision making. For our daily and long-term work most important are integrity, energy and inteligence of the people in each business unit of the company.

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