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Therapeutic areas

Therapeutic areas & diseases

The medicinal products and nutraceutical products of INBIOTECH are applicable in treatment of multiple therapeutic areas. Most of our products are intended for treatment of socially significant diseases, such as hypertension and heart failure, stomach and duaodenal ulcers, traumas, diseases of the respiratory system, etc.. Other products from our portfolio are intended for prevention and treatment of diseases, which are not socially signficant, but still are reason for deterioration of quality of life of large number of people. 

Socially significant diseases

Socially significant diseases are diseases of modern lifestyle. In the countries around the world nowadays these diseases are caused by abrupt changes in lifestyle, as well as by risk factors, such as stress, smoking, sedentary way of life, and intake of food, which is not healthy, among large groups of people. People who suffer from these diseases, as well as their families, are economically and psychologically burdened. Socially significant diseases often lead to deteriorated optimal execution of daily activities of these people, as well as disability. 

Our mission

We from INBIOTECH strive to provide highly-effective, high-quality, safe and affordable medicinal products and nutraceutical products to patients in Bulgaria, as well as in other countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. We aim to contribute to reducing the number of patients, who suffer from these socially significant diseases. 

In close cooperation with the regulatory bodies in countries from these continents, as well as with medical doctors and pharmacists, our team accomplishes our mission -  our medicinal products and nutraceutical products to reach as much as possible patients in need of them, as well as to support their return to normal healthy and vital life. 

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Here you can learn more about the diseases, which our medicinal products and nutraceutical products cure and affect in the therapeutic areas, in which we are active.
Pain relief

Pain relief

Joint pain

Pain in joints is conditon of painful sensation in the joints of the organism. Such pain can appear during state of rest or during physical activity. The type of pain in these parts of the body can be mild or severe. In severe pain movement is restricted due to intolerance towards accompanying pain. The type of pain can also be acute or chronic. 

Causes for the appearance of such joint pain can be infectious or parasitic diseases of the musculoskeletal system, diseases of the connective tissue (e.g. 
gout, rheumatoid arthritis, etc.), traumas, fractures or overweight.

Back pain

Pain on the back is characterized with painful sensation between the neck, buttocks and shoulders. According to scientific research, around 90% of poeple at least once have suffered from pain in different points of the back (e.g. neck, chest, lumbosacral and waist).

Back pain is classified as acute (sudden and short-lasting), subacute, chronic (long-lasting and developing in long period of time), as well as recurrent (repetitive).

Duration of acute pain in the low part of the back is usually less than a month, as often it passes for around a week, without medical intervention. This type of pain is characterized by its appearance after certain period of time. On the other hand, chronic back pain lasts more than 3 months. Consultation with medical doctor is compulsory, if pain is accompanied by symptoms, such as fever, leg pain, weight-loss, knee pain and others.  

Among most common causes of back pin are problems with the spine or muscle overload. Another reason for the appearance of such pain can be damage of nearby organ, such as kidneys, for example.

Products from therapeutic area Pain relief

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10 tablets
20 tablets
30 tablets

Indicated for treatment of acute pain & primary dysmenorrhea.

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Metamizole sodium

20 tablets

Indicated for symptomatic treatment of slight-to-moderate acute chronic pain from different origin.

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20 tablets

Indicated for symptomatic response to slight-to-moderate pain & for treatment of high body temperature.

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News from therapeutic area Pain relief

INBIOTECH presented medicinal products and nutraceutical products at the marketing conference for pharmacists

INBIOTECH presented medicinal products and nutraceutical products at the marketing conference for pharmacists

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