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Therapeutic areas

Therapeutic areas & diseases

The medicinal products and nutraceutical products of INBIOTECH are applicable in treatment of multiple therapeutic areas. Most of our products are intended for treatment of socially significant diseases, such as hypertension and heart failure, stomach and duaodenal ulcers, traumas, diseases of the respiratory system, etc.. Other products from our portfolio are intended for prevention and treatment of diseases, which are not socially signficant, but still are reason for deterioration of quality of life of large number of people. 

Socially significant diseases

Socially significant diseases are diseases of modern lifestyle. In the countries around the world nowadays these diseases are caused by abrupt changes in lifestyle, as well as by risk factors, such as stress, smoking, sedentary way of life, and intake of food, which is not healthy, among large groups of people. People who suffer from these diseases, as well as their families, are economically and psychologically burdened. Socially significant diseases often lead to deteriorated optimal execution of daily activities of these people, as well as disability. 

Our mission

We from INBIOTECH strive to provide highly-effective, high-quality, safe and affordable medicinal products and nutraceutical products to patients in Bulgaria, as well as in other countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. We aim to contribute to reducing the number of patients, who suffer from these socially significant diseases. 

In close cooperation with the regulatory bodies in countries from these continents, as well as with medical doctors and pharmacists, our team accomplishes our mission -  our medicinal products and nutraceutical products to reach as much as possible patients in need of them, as well as to support their return to normal healthy and vital life. 

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Here you can learn more about the diseases, which our medicinal products and nutraceutical products cure and affect in the therapeutic areas, in which we are active.


Hepatologic diseases

The largest internal organ in the human body is the liver. The liver participates in carbohydrate metabolism and deamination of amino acids. The organ intakes harmful for the organism substances from the blood and turns them back to the blood, turning these substances into harmless. The liver also executes other functions.

Hepatitis is inflammatory disease of the liver. Also, there exist vascular diseases of the liver, such as alcoholic and toxic damages of the organ, autoimmune and degenerative diseases. Some of the most severe diseases are fibrosis and cirrhosis of the liver, liver failure (acute, subacute and chronic) and others.

Liver failure

Liver failure is characterized by dystrophy and necrosis of liver cells (hepatocytes), which are caused by acute or chronic disease of the organ. Due to such tissue damage, liver function is largely violated, which is characterized by coagulation (i.e. easy bleeding from wounds in minimal injury) and encephalopathy (i.e. behaviour disorder and consciousness disorder, etc.). Causes of acute liver failure can be viral hepatitis from different character, vascular disorders and toxins. One of the causes of chronic liver failure is liver cirrhosis.

Alcohol-related liver disease (ARLD)

Alcohol-related liver disease is characterized with morphologic and clinical changes and damages, which are caused by heavy intake of alcohol. Some of the pathomorphologic changes, which arise during this disease are fatty degeneration of the liver, alcoholic hepatitis, sclerosis of the liver, fibrosis of the liver, liver failure and alcoholic liver cirrhosis.

Factors, which predispose to development of alcoholic disease are intake of low-quality alcohol, durable and continous intake of alcohol, malnutrition, genetic factors, etc.  

Common complaints, which are characteristic of alcoholic disease are easy fatigue, fatigue, malaise, loss of appetite and others.

Products from therapeutic area Hepatology

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Pure deoiled soya lecithine

50 g granules

Indicated for adults & children above 15 yrears of age

Contributes to maintenance of the lipid balance in the organism.

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Herbal dry extracts

14 sachets

Indicated for adults

Benefits natural regenerative processes of the liver and maintains protection of liver cells and others.

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News from therapeutic area Hepatology

National Conference of General Medicine in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

National Conference of General Medicine in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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