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Hepacea® 761 mg

Hepacea® 761 mg
Hepacea® 761 mg
Brand name: Hepacea™


Composition & dosage: Herbal dry extracts in 3.0 g (1 sachet): Root of dendelion, silybin-phospholipid complex (incl. silybin from milk thistle seeds), artichoke leaves, root & above-ground part of chicory, soybean phospholipids, as well as vitamin B2 & vitamin B6 761 mg
Nutraceutical form & quantity of dosage units: 14 sachets
Regulatory status:

Nutraceutical product

with lemon & peppermint taste,

with natural sweetener,

without added sugar

Bouquet of selected herbs
+ Vitamin В2
+ Vitamin В6
+ Silybin-phospholipid complex

Formula from herbal extracts for cleansing of the organism

For healthy liver and gallbladder!
For healthy, cleansed and tonified organism!





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