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Brand name: LIPONORM™ 
Composition & dosage: Pure deoiled soya lecithine 2 g
Nutraceutical form & quantity of dosage units: 50 g granules
Regulatory status: Nutraceutical product without preservatives

Brings back the spring of life!


Benefits maintenance of lipid balance in the organism. Clinically proven effective action!

Entirely safe natural nutraceutical product without side effects!


More than 20 years on the Bulgarian market!


Soya lecithine (exctracted from soya beans)

Glycine max (L.) Merrill



Soya lecithine

Content in 1 measuring spoon (2 g): 2 000 mg

Content in 3 measuring spoons (6 g): 6 000 mg

Phosphatidylcholine (18 - 25%)

Content in 1 measuring spoon (2 g): 360 - 500 mg

Content in 3 measuring spoons (6 g): 1080 - 1500 mg

Phosphatidylinositol (14 - 19%)

Content in 1 measuring spoon (2 g): 280 - 380 mg

Content in 3 measuring spoons (6 g): 840 - 1 140 mg

Phosphatidylethanolamine (10 - 16%)

Content in 1 measuring spoon (2 g): 200 - 320 mg

Content in 3 measuring spoons (6 g): 600 - 960 mg

Phosphatidic acid (2 - 9%)

Content in 1 measuring spoon (2 g): 40 - 180 mg

Content in 3 measuring spoons (6 g): 120 - 540 mg

Lysophosphatidylcholine (max 6%)

Content in 1 measuring spoon (2 g): Max 120 mg

Content in 3 measuring spoons (6 g): Max 360 mg

Cholesterol (0%)


*The soya lecithine in LIPONORM™ is deoiled and there are no fatty oils in it.

**One measuring spoon (2 g) contains 80 mg natural sugar, as its content in 3 measuring spoons (6 g) is 240 mg.

***Soya beans, from which the soya lecithine in LIPONORM™ is extracted, are grown in the European Union (EU) and they are without GMO (Genetically modified organisms).


Soya lecithine

Lecithine is recommended for all, who want to support their memory, metabolism, liver function and blood vessels in their organism. Lecithine can be tried, as everyday supplement to food. 

Phospholipids comprise cell membranes of each human cell. For proper flow of metabolic processes in the cell, sufficient import of essential phospholipids with food is necessary. Essential phospholipids maintain normal fluidity (flexibility) permeability of cell membranes. Essential phospholipids are premise for normal functioning of cell membranes. Lecithine supports transport of external signals from hormones, ions and other substances inside the cell. Lecithine is important ingredient of various tissues in the human organism, which comprise the nervous system and brain, the heart and muscles, the liver, as well as the protective barrier of gastric mucosa and others.  

Major place in the diet for favouring functions of endocrine system and cardiovascular system find foods, which contain irreplaceable phospholipids. Included in the main diet, phospholipids exert specific effects, benefitting various aspects of carbohydrate metabolism, fat metabolism, as well as purine metabolism in the human organism. 

Many people, sticking to a healthy diet, include in their food more fruits and vegetables (relatively poor in phospholipids), in order to normalize their body weight, and less eggs (yolk), soya, wheat germ, beans foods and meat (rich in phospholipids). In these cases the additional intake of essential phospholipids is necessary, as intake of LIPONORM™ satisfies these additional needs of the organism.

Lecithine or phosphatidylcholine is one of the main essential phospholipids. Lecithine activates protein kinase C, and therefore unlocks cascade of successive reactions, which affect cell growth, metablism, ion transport, as well as intake and difestion of fats in the organism. 

Lecithine supports metabolism in the liver by favouring its detoxifying function, as well as natural processes against development of fatty infiltration. Phosphatidylcholine supports normal processes in the organism against platelet aggregation and helps natural rheological properties of blood. Lecithine benefits normal processes against formation of gallstones, supports natural emuldification of fats from the gallbladder and helps normal intake and transport of fat-soluble vitamins. By connecting to vitamin E, phosphatidylcholine helps the natural process against aggression of free oxygen radicals and against ageing. Lecithine nowadays is extracted mainly from soya

When the level of cholesterol is above-normal, it starts to accumulate on walls of blood vessels. Lecithine benefits natural release of cholesterol, as well as its extraction from the walls of blood vessels. Therefore, lecithine supports normal arterial pressure.


Mechanism of action

Phospholipids benefit fat metabolism. The effect of essential phospholipids, applied as food supplements (nutraceutical products), consists in changes in the lipid, phospholipid and fatty acid composition of lipoprotein classes. 

LDL cholesterol (Low-density lipoprotein or "bad cholesterol") and VLDL (Very-low-density lipoprotein or "bad cholesterol") act against the walls of blood vessels, as well as against purine metabolism and against normal functions of the organism. HDL cholesterol (High-density lipoproteins or "good choesterol") possesses pronounced beneficial action against LDL cholesterol and against VLDL cholesterol, supporting the normal condition of blood vessels and normal volume of blood, which passes through them. Essential phospholipids in soya lecithine normalize levels of HDL cholesterol and support normal functions of the cardiovascular system. 


Effective action

LIPONORM™ (purified soya lecithine) contains essential phospholipids. The food supplement is registered and is selling by pharmacists in Bulgaria from 1992. LIPONORM™ is 100% natural and dietetic nutraceutical product from plant origin - granulated soya lecithine

LIPONORM™ is in granular form, in which there are no additional ingredients and the lecithine inside is not subjected to additional processing. Therefore, the nutraceutical product is preserved as entirely natural.

  • LIPONORM™ contributes to maintenance of lipid balance in the organism, as well as of normal levels of LDL-cholesterol and VLDL-cholesterol ("bad cholesterol") and benefits normal levels of HDL-cholesterol ("good cholesterol");
  • Accelerates natural breakdown of fats (metabolism of triglycerides), normalizes their levels and stimulates normal metablism in the organism;
  • LIPONORM™ favours normal levels of blood sugar in the organism;
  • Assists natural lipolytic processes (i.e. cleansing of fats) in the adipose tissue, as well as on the walls of the heart and arteries. LIPONORM™ also assists normal function of the heart and benefits normal arterial pressure;
  • Acts favourably on the gastric mucosa against gastric acids, benefitting natural process of intake and breakdown of fats by the digestive system, as well as the natural function of the pancreas;
  • Helps normal functioning of the liver and gallbladder. LIPONORM™ normalizes liver metabolism. Contributes to normal process of disposal of gallstones, formed in the gallbladder;
  • Acts beneficially on the functions of the nervous system and brain, assisting memory and concentration;
  • Benefits reproductive functions in females and males;
  • Assists for normalizing purine metabolism in the organism and benefits maintenance of normal levels of uric acid;
  • LIPONORM™ eases absorption and transportation of fat-soluble vitamin A (retinol), by which it contributes to normal process of the vitamin binding to free radicals. In this way LIPONORM™ indirectly neutralizes the damaging action of free radicals;
  • Supports normal physical activity by normalizing muscle density, strength and endurance;
  • Benefits normal recovery processes in the organism after training and physical activities;
  • Helps production of energy in the organism by improving absorption of fat soluble vitamins and favours natural process of energy transfer across cellular systems.

How to use & recommended dose

LIPONROM™ should be taken 2 g (1 measuring spoon) during meal (in the morning, during lunch or during the evening) by dissolving granules of soya lecithine in water, fruit juice, milk, youghurt or by sprinkling them over food. 

Recommended dose for daily intake

LIPONROM™ should be taken 6 g soya lecithine (3 measuring spoons).

Do not exceed the recommended dose for daily intake!

Shake the contents of the flacon well before use. 

Close the package tightly after initial opening. Precense of agglomerates from the granules does not degrade the quality of the nutraceutical product

LIPONORM™ does not replace healthy, varied and balanced diet. 

Proven eclinical effectiveness of use of LIPONORM™

Post-marketing clinical observation was conducted (n = 30) with the nutraceutical product LIPONORM in the Cardiology Clinic at the Medical University in Sofia, Bulgaria. In the observation of LIPONORM™ 30 people participated (13 males from 37 to 76 years old) and 17 women (from 41 to 79 years old) at the average age of 61.26 ± 10.72 (from 37 to 79 years old).

All participants followed diet to a different degree with restricted intake of animal fat and carbohydrates. During the clinical observation participants did not essentially alter their diet. In the clinical observation there were no participants included with values of baseline cholesterol ≥ 9.0 mmol / l. All participants received LIPONORM™ in doses 3 times 2 g (i.e. 3 times 1 measuring spoon), stirred in water, fruit juice, milk or sprinkled over food during meal for 3 months.

Clinically proven effective action

It is clinically proven that:

LIPONROM™, applied perorally at doses 3 times 2 g daily in people with elevated levels of serum cholesterol, triglycerides and with lower levels of HDL-cholesterol, decrease statistically significantly total cholesterol right from the second month, as the effect endures until the end of the observation. In 3 participants (10%) serum cholesterol normalized, as in  27 participants (90%) significantly decreased. 

LIPONORM™ is characterized with trend towards increase of HDL-cholesterol from the end of the second month, as in all examined people with baseline low HDL-cholesterol in the end of the 3-month period, it normalized. 

LIPONORM™ applied perorally at dose 3 times 2 g, decreased statistically significantly LDL-cholesterol right from the second month, as the effect endured until the end of the observation. In 27 participants (90%) decrease is observed, as in 6 participants (20%) values are under 3.5 mmol / l.

When applying LIPONORM™ trend is observed towards slight decrease of triglycerides, as in 12 participants (40%) in the end of the observation values decreased. In 5 of them (17%) triglycerides normalized. 

When applying LIPONORM™ rheological properties of blood improved. During use of LIPONORM™ statistically significant decrease of hematocrit is observed with pronounced trend towards decrease of the number of thrombocytes. 

LIPONORM™ decreases values of blood sugar statistically significantly and it is characterized with beneficial effect on carbohydrate metabolism. Statistically significant decrease of blood sugar is substantitated predominantly by the decrease or normalization of blood sugar in 11 participants (1/3 from the whole group) with disturbed carbohydrate tolerance or with disturbed insulin production by the pancreas. It is considered that decrease of blood sugar in these particiants after supplementation with lecithine to food is due to decrease of requirements of adipose tissue for insulin. 

LIPONROM™ is characterized with beneficial effect on the liver function, which is clinically proven through ositive dynamics in serum enzymes. Clear trend towards decrease of aspartate aminotransferase (ASAT), also known as (serum) glutamic oxaloacetic transaminase (SGOT), serum glutamic-pyruvic transaminase (SGPT), gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase (GGTP) and atrial fibrillation (AF) in participants with baseline elevated SGOT, SGPT, GGTP and AF. In all participants (16 overall) with baseline elevated liver indicators (GGTP, SGOT, SGPT) marked trend towards normalization is observed. 

LIPONORM™ statistically significantly decreased diastolic arterial pressure (about 3%). LIPONROM™ also decreases sistolic arterial pressure (about 5%). In 11 of the participants with high blood pressure with baseline sistolic arterial pressure over 140 mm Hg decrease of the arterial pressure is observed, as in 6 of them is is normalized. 

Application of LIPONROM™ leads to statistically significant decrease of body weight. During the clinical observation of LIPONORM™ the dietetic regime in participants was not altered. Also, during the clinical observation of LIPONORM™ application of other food supplements or medicinal products was not altered in participants with high blood pressure. 

In 21 participants (70% of all participants) decreased their body weight, as in 6 of them this trend is observed right in the end of the first month. 

Good tolerance & safety

LIPONORM™ is with clinically proven very good tolerance and without side effects. These qualities of the nutraceutical product make it suitable for long-term application as food supplement to conducted dietary diet. 

LIPONORM™ is not characterized by contraidications. 

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