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Therapeutic areas

Therapeutic areas & diseases

The medicinal products and nutraceutical products of INBIOTECH are applicable in treatment of multiple therapeutic areas. Most of our products are intended for treatment of socially significant diseases, such as hypertension and heart failure, stomach and duaodenal ulcers, traumas, diseases of the respiratory system, etc.. Other products from our portfolio are intended for prevention and treatment of diseases, which are not socially signficant, but still are reason for deterioration of quality of life of large number of people. 

Socially significant diseases

Socially significant diseases are diseases of modern lifestyle. In the countries around the world nowadays these diseases are caused by abrupt changes in lifestyle, as well as by risk factors, such as stress, smoking, sedentary way of life, and intake of food, which is not healthy, among large groups of people. People who suffer from these diseases, as well as their families, are economically and psychologically burdened. Socially significant diseases often lead to deteriorated optimal execution of daily activities of these people, as well as disability. 

Our mission

We from INBIOTECH strive to provide highly-effective, high-quality, safe and affordable medicinal products and nutraceutical products to patients in Bulgaria, as well as in other countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. We aim to contribute to reducing the number of patients, who suffer from these socially significant diseases. 

In close cooperation with the regulatory bodies in countries from these continents, as well as with medical doctors and pharmacists, our team accomplishes our mission -  our medicinal products and nutraceutical products to reach as much as possible patients in need of them, as well as to support their return to normal healthy and vital life. 

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Here you can learn more about the diseases, which our medicinal products and nutraceutical products cure and affect in the therapeutic areas, in which we are active.


Endocrine disorders

Endocrinology represents medical specialty, which deals with glands of internal secretion, which are positioned in different areas in human organism. Endocrine gands produce chemical substances, which are called hormones. Hormones relased by glands get into the blood, so that through its circulation they reach organs, which function these hormones regulate. 

Endocrine system

Hormones of different glands in human organism participate in regulation of main vital processes, such as growth, development, metabolism and others. On the other hand, the pituitary gland (hypophysis) regulates most of the glands of internal secretion. The hypophysis is under the control of the hypothalamus. Some of the glands of internal secretion are the hypothalamus, the thyroid gland, parathyroid glands, hypophysis, pineal gland (epiphysis), adrenal glands and others. Other type of glands are gonads, which include leydig cell, sertoli cells and granulosa cells. 

Additionally, some organs possess also complementary endocrine function, such as placenta, stomach, duodenum, liver, kidneys, adipose tissue and others. 

Socially-significant endocrine diseases

Endocrinology deals with diseases connected with glands, as well as with methods of diagnostics and treatment of these diseases. 

One of the socially-significant diseases in the area of endocrinology during the recent years is diabetes. Diseases of the endocrine system include also digestive disorders, as well as metabolism disorders.

Diseases of the endocrine system are characterized by violation of regulation of the released hormone, damage or full destruction of the specific gland or glands, as well as by structural damage. Glands of internal secretion can have disorders, which are expressed in hyper- or hypo-function of the gland. Over-release of hormones by the specific gland is called hyper-function. Hyper-functioning gland leads to damage of many organs and systems in human organism. On the other hand, hypo-function is characterized by lower formation of hormones and their under-release from the specific gland. In such case, hypo-functioning gland cannot fully accomplish its function. 

There are three types of endocrine diseases - primary, secondary and tertiary. Primary endocrine diseases are characterized by impact of end gland along the axis of regulation. Secondary endocrine diseases are associated with violated function of the hypophysis. Tertary endocrine diseases are characterized by violated function of the hypothalamus.
For example, some of the most common endocrine diseases are violations of mineral metabolsim, which are expressed in higher or too low levels of minerals in the blood. Minerals play essential role for metabolism and normal functioning of cell, tissues and organs of human organism. Iron and potassium are essential for multitude proteins, enzymes, as well as carbohydrate metabolism. Other minerals, on the other hand, participate in growth of bones and muscles and are of significance for normal grwoth and development of human organism.

Some examples of diseases of the endocrine system, such as digestive disorders and metabolism disorders, include: diseases of the thyroid gland, diabetes, other violations of the glucose regulation, violations of the endocrine secretion of the pancreas, disorders of other endocrine glands, malnutrition, overweight and other disorders due to overeating, metabolism disorders and others.  

Nutraceutical products of INBIOTECH, favouring the functions of the endocrine system

The nutraceutical product (food supplement) of INBIOTECH LIPONORM® benefits maintenance of the lipid balance in the organism, as well as of normal levels of LDL-cholesterol and VLDL-cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and favours normal levels of HDL-cholesterol (good cholesterol). Also, LIPONORM® accelerates natural decomposition of fats (triglyceride metabolism), normalizes their levels and stimulates normal metabolism in the organism. LIPONORM® benefits normal levels of blood sugar in the organism. The nutraceutical product assists normal functioning of the liver and gallbladder through normalizing liver metabolism. 

Another nutraceutical product of INBIOTECH, Vitamin E INBIOTECH provides beneficial effect on the balance of hormonal levels, due to which it favours functions of the endocrine system.

Products from therapeutic area Endocrinology

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Highly esterified pure apple pectin with no added sugar

35 g powder for peroral solution

Indicated for adults & children above 15 years of age

Acts beneficially on functions of the cardiovascular system and others.

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Pure deoiled soya lecithine

50 g granules

Indicated for adults & children above 15 yrears of age

Contributes to maintenance of the lipid balance in the organism.

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L-ascorbic acid

40 tablets

Indicated for adults

Benefits functions of the immune system & assists overall resistance of the organism.

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DL-Alpha-tocopheryl acetate

60 soft-gelatin capsules

Indicated for adults

Strongly contributes to natural defence of cells against oxidative stress and others.

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News from therapeutic area Endocrinology

National Conference of General Medicine in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

National Conference of General Medicine in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

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