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100% Apple PECTIN® 5 g

100% Apple PECTIN® 5 g
100% Apple PECTIN® 5 g
Brand name: 100% Apple PECTIN™
Composition & dosage: Highly esterified pure apple pectin with no sugar 5 g
Nutraceutical form & quantity of dosage units: 35 g powder for peroral solution
Regulatory status:

Nutraceutical product

withut added sugar,

without sweeteners,

without preservatives

For healthy:

Cardiovascular system

Digestive system

Endocrine system

Immune system

Entirely safe natural nutraceutical product without side effects!

100% Apple PECTIN™ is extracted from fruits of Polish apples. The degree of esterification is 68-72%.

Fuit of apple (Malus domestica)


Highly esterified pure apple pectin. Extract from fruits of apple (Malus domestica):

Content in ½ measuring spoon2,5 g

Content in 1 measuring spoon: 5 g

Pectic substances are natural components, which are present in plants and their fruits as compounds of cellulose. Pectin is a substance, which is derived from the pectin-containing substances, released by plants.

Pure 100%Apple PECTIN™ is extracted from fruits of frеsh apples through innovative technology. 

100% Apple PECTIN™ does not contain added sugar, due to which it can be used by people, who aim at normalizing levels of blood sugar in their organism. 

  • Contributes to normal levels of blood pressure with prolonged use;
  • Assists for maintenance of normal levels of LDL-cholesterol ("bad cholesterol") and benefits normal levels of HDL-cholesterol ("good cholesterol");
  • Acts beneficially on functioning of the cardiovascular system;
  • Maintains elasticity of blood vessels' walls;
  • Pectin substances normalize levels of blood sugar;
  • Normalizes levels of triglycerides (type of fat, lipids) and supports their metabolism;
  • Acts favourably on digestion and peristalsis;
  • Helps normal functioning of the liver and benefits overall cleansing of the organism from toxins and heavy metals;
  • Favours normal process of neutralizing of acidic and basic wastes in the organism;
  • Contributes to maintenance of normal body weight by creating a sense of satiety;
  • Possesses immunostimulatory effect.

How to use

Contents of 1 measuring spoon (5 g) are dissolved in 50 ml liquid (water, youghurt, milk or fruit juice) and should be taken 30 minutes before meal. 

In this way of use, 100% Apple PECTIN™ benefits the condition of the organism.

100% Apple PECTIN™ is intended for direct consumption, for supplementation to preparation of desserts, as well as for sealing and stabilizing agent in drinks. 

Recommended daily dose

Adults and children over 15 years take 1 measuring spoon (5 g) daily. 

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Do not use during pregnancy.

100% Apple PECTIN™ does not replace, healthy varied and balanced diet. 

In case of problems with the liver or in case of iron deficiency, consult with medical doctor. 

100% Apple PECTIN™ is entirely safe and natural and there are no availabe data for adverse reactions when using it. 

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