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Vitamin C INBIOTECH 100 mg

Vitamin C INBIOTECH 100 mg
Vitamin C INBIOTECH 100 mg
Brand name: Vitamin C INBIOTECH
Composition & dosage: L-ascorbic acid 100 mg
Nutraceutical form & quantity of dosage units: 40 tablets
Regulatory status: Nutraceutical product

Protected and vital together!

Benefits natural resistance of the organism!

For healthy:
Immune system
Cardiovascular system
Digstive system
Musculoskeletal system

About Vitamin C

Vitamin C represents water-soluble vitamin or ascorbic acid, which is antioxidant. Vitamin С is of paramount importance for normal course of vital processes in the organism by universally assisting cellular metabolism. 

The vitamin is included in realization of many of the functions of the organism. Vitamin C is necessary for normal process of regeneration of tissues that comprise many of the organs in our organism.

Vitamin C in the form of L-ascorbic acid

L-ascorbic acid is chemically active form of vitamin C. In nature vitamin C is found as L-ascrbic acid and as D-ascorbic acid, which are isomeric molecules. 
Only L-ascorbic acid is biologically active and can be used by the human organism. Namely, this form of vitamin C is significantly healthier for our organism. 

Mechanism of action

Vitamin С is capable of connecting free radicals and neutralizing their action over cells, tissues and organs. In this wat it stops their destructive action on cells of many organs of the human organism.  

In addition, Vitamin C can activate the healthy action of other antioxidants. 

Ascorbic acid reacts with free radicals, subjected to oxidation of their uncoupled electron.

In this way, the free radical turns into relatively weakly reactive intermediary product (ascorbate radical), which disproportionates to ascorbate and dehydroascorbate. 

Ascorbic acid participates in various biochemical processes, taking place in the human organism by simultaneously influencing production of enzymes, as well as production of some hormones.

Vitamin C benefits resistance forces of the organism.

The vitamin also acts beneficially on regeneration of connective tissue, which comprise the organs of the cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, digestive system and excretory system.

Vitamin C assists absorption of vitamin E (α-Tocopherol), vitamin B12 (Cobalamin) and calcium (Ca), also essentially important for normal functioning of the organism.

Additional intake of vitamin С
The vitamin possesses the property to dissolve in water. Due to which, quantities, which were not absorbed by the organism during the intake of Vitamin C, are excreted with urine. This substantiates necessity for daily intake of Vitamin C. The human organism cannot synthesize Vitamin C and that is why it is delivered through food (mainly through fruits and vegetables). Intake of Vitamin C can be reinforced additionally through using Vitamin C INBIOTECH


L-Ascorbic acid

* Content in 1 tablet: 100 mg

* Content in 6 tablets: 600 mg

Other ingredients: Binding agents: crystalline glucose, microcrystalline cellulose (E 460); emulgator: stearic acid (Е 570); anti-caking agent: talk (Е 553); colorant: quinoline yellow (Е 104*).

Multifactorial effective action

Immune system (Effective action in immunology)

  • Benefits normal functions of the immune system (incl. during and after heavy physical overload) and assists overall resistance and endurance of the organism, as well as recovery processes. 
  • Assists normal antimicrobial activity of the organism. 
  • Acts beneficially on natural defense forces of the organism against inflammatory and allergic reactions (incl. arising from local, general and virus infections).   

Cardiovascular system (Effective action in cardiology)

  • Maintains the heart and blood vessels healthy. Acts beneficially on structure, elasticity and function of blood vessels, as well as the health of their walls.
  • Assists capillary density by restricting permeability of boundary membranes;
  • Provides supporting effect for normalizing of the blood pressure;
  • Assists normal process of iron (Fe) absorption and of blood formation (incl. formation of white blood cells, lymphocytes, which are with protective function).

Digestive system (Effective action in gastroenterology)

Provides favourable effect on fat metabolism, carbohydrate metabolism and protein metabolism.  

Endocrine system (Effective action in endocrinology)

  • Helps lipid metabolism by benefitting levels of HDL-cholesterol ("good choesterol") and maintains normal levels of LDL-cholesterol ("лошия холестерол"). Provides beneficial effect against lipid peroxidation. 
  • Restricts deposition of fatty substances and cholesterol in the inner layer of the arteries by normalizing the width and thickness of the walls of the blood vessels;
  • Assists functions of the endocrine system and normalizes levels of blood sugar in the organism;
  • Benefits liver function and normalizes activity of liver enzymes.
  • Normalizes metabolism of cholesterol.

Musculoskeletal system (Effective action in rheumatology)

  • By assisting the normal process of collagen formation in the organism, exerts beneficial effect on structure and functions of bones, joints and cartilages, as well as of teeth, gums and muscles. Benefits mineral substances metabolism, by easing recovery processes in bones, muscles and the skin;
  • Provides beneficial effect on strength of muscles, as well as on energy production (i.e. energy metabolism) by the organism. Assists synthesis of carnitine by the organism;
  • Favours natural defense forces of the organism against fatigue.

Respiratory system (Effective action in pulmology)

  • Acts favourably against infections of the respiratory pathways. 

Excretory system (Effective action in nephrology)

  • Acts favourably on kidney function;
  • Skin and сubcutaneous tissue (Effective action in dermatology);
  • By favouring natural defense forces of the organism against free radicals (i.e. against oxidative stress) and favouring formation of collagen, maintains the skin healthy and elastic and maintains its function.

Vitamin С INBIOTECH tablets shoould be taken perorally with little liquid. 

Recommended daily dose

Adults take from 1 tablet (100 mg) up to 6 tablets (600 mg) daily during and after meal with little liquid.

The food supplement can be taken by children below 18 years of age, pregnant women and women, who are brastfeeding, only after consultation with medical doctor. 

Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. 

Vitamin C INBIOTECH does not replace healthy, varied and balanced diet. 


Good tolerance & safety

Vitamin C 600 mg daily is within acceptable dosages of the vitamin for adults and it is recommended by EFSA. Vitamin C 600 mg daily does not exceed tolerable upper levels of intake, recommended by Institute of Medicine (IOM) of the National Academy of Medicine, USA, for adults. 

Daily dosage of 600 mg of Vitamin C INBIOTECH is within the limits of maximum allowed quantity for Vitamin C, included in the food supplement, according to Ordinance № 47, issued by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Bulgaria. 

Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) is safe for intake without danger of genotoxicity. 

Ascorbic acid is safe for use, due to the fact that sufficient clinical data are available and it is not characterized by adverse reactions.

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