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BIONA® 1 500 mg

BIONA® 1 500 mg
BIONA® 1 500 mg
Brand name: BIONA®
Composition & dosage: Irreplaceable extract in 3.0 g (1 sachet): Glucosamine sulfate 1 500 mg
Nutraceutical form & quantity of dosage units: 20 sachets, powder for peroral solution
Regulatory status:

Nutraceutical product

The joy of movement!

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Elixir of selected extracts


For healthy, smooth & elastic joints

For healthy musculoskeletal system

Acts favourably for healthy chondrocytes


Nutraceutical product


Excellent solubility

Convenient intake

Fast and good absorption


The ingredient glucosamine naturally is synthesized normally in the human organism. This substance decreases with normal ageing process, with overload of the joints (e.g. sport or heavy physical load), with high body weight or with disrupted structure and function of joints. 

BIONA® represents sachets on animal base for peroral application with lemon taste. The natural origin of the ingredient, additionally reinforces its beneficial effect. 

BIONA® contains animal extract of shells of shrimps and shells of crab (Glucosamine sulfate), which is widely used for decades. 

BIONA® ensures favourable effect on structure and functions of joints and musculoskeletal system. 


Crystalline glucosamine sulfate (D-glucosamine sulfate (sodium salt)*)

* Equivalent to Glucosamine sulfate

* Origin from China

Extracted from shells of shrimps (Testa Caridea) and shells of crab (Testa Brachyurae)

* Content of the ingredient  in 1 sachet (3.0 g): 2 000 mg; *1 500 mg;

* Content of the ingredient in 2 sachets (6.0 g): 4 000 mg; *3 000 mg;

Shells of shrimps (Testa Caridea) and shells of crab (Testa Brachyurae) are with rich content of glucosamine sulfate. As an essential building element of biosynthesis of glycolipids, glycoproteins, glycosaminoglycans, as well as hyaluronic acid, glucosamine is necessary for formation of proteoglycans - basic structural component of cartilage matrix.

The animal origin of the ingredient contributes for its easier absorption in the human organism. This reinforces the effect of glucosamine sulfate on joints. The natural ingredient is with excellent tolerance with long-term use, identical with that of placebo. Natural glucosamine sulfate stimulates cartilage metabolism and cartilage regeneration. Solely the optimal daily dose of 1 500 mg for peroral intake, as well as solely the crystalline form of glucosamine sulfate benefit its better resorption of glucosamine in the small intestine and its higher bioavailability in the joint synovial fluid, assisting for its more effective action, compared to other forms of glucosamine

Glucosamine assists for formation of mucin, which contributes to lubrication of cartilage surfaces and of their normal friction. Glucosamine sulfate also benefits cumulative joint space narrowing. The ingredient benefits recovery of periarticular soft tissue, joints and joint cartilages. The ingredient contributes for delay of joint structural changes by delaying the need of surgery for knee joint replacement. 

The ingredient modulates and reduces inflammatory manifestations and oxidative processes, damaging joints. Glucosamine sulfate inhibits production and activity of inflammatory cytokines (e.g. IL-1), preventing degeneration of cartilage matrix and normalizing inflammation. Glucosamine sulfate blocks activity of the proinflammatory cytokine, IL-1β, provoking expression of inflammatory substances (e.g. COX-2, nitrogen oxide, IL-6, TNFα), which degenerate extracellular matrix. Glucosamine helps natural mechanisms of the organism against pain, benefitting joint physical function and joint mobility.

Health, strength, stability

  • Acts beneficially on structure and function of joints;
  • Benefits smoothness of joint cartilage surfaces and maintains them well lubricated;
  • Helps natural recovery processes of periarticular soft tissue, joints and cartilages;
  • Assists for strength, elasticity and mobility of joints;
  • Acts beneficially on normal calcium (Ca) deposition in bones and joints, as well as for normal defence of joints and cartilages against degenerative changes;
  • Assists natural speed of synthesis of glycosaminoglycans, proteoglycans and collagen in chondrocytes (cells of the joint cartilage), benefitting health of the cartilage and joint surface
  • Assists normal joint physical function (e.g. flexion, stairs climbing and walking distance) with beneficial effect on quality of life;
  • Helps normal accumulation of newly synthesized components, such as aggrecan, in the extracellular matrix with beneficial effect on natural regeneration of cartilage tissue and synovial membrane;
  • Benefits joint stiffness, while simultaneously helping normal growth of bones, regenerating bone tissue. 
  • Benefits also normal bone width, thickness and strength.

Content of 1 sachet is dissolved in glass of warm, but not hot, water and is taken once daily (after meal). Depending on preferences, the sachet can be dissolved in cold water. 

Recommended dose for daily intake

For adults one sachet daily. 

Do not exceed the recommended daoly dose. It is recommended that BIONA® is taken for 3 weeks and then its intake interrupted on the fourth week. This intake course should be repeated for additional 3 weeks. It is recommended that BIONA® is taken in 2 courses annually (total of 6 weeks).

If necessary, BIONA® can be taken for longer, but only after consultation with medical doctor. BIONA® does not replace healthy, varied and balanced diet. BIONA® is not recommended for pregnant women and breastfeeding women.


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